Coaching for Sustainable High Performance

What is coaching?
Do you feel a need to level up? Transform resistance into flow? Personal pain into meaning?
Coaching is a vital part of personal development and growing in your professional role. If you feel the need to upgrade yourself privately and in your professional life, coaching may be the answer you seek. It’s not a simple process, rather a powerful journey of exploration and transformation. Shedding old skin may be painful, but is always worth it.

What’s in it for you?
Together, we work to enhance your ability to navigate through complexity, influence others, regulate your nervous system and overcome challenges in new, creative ways. Through coaching you gain tools to meet challenges while also transforming them into opportunities.

My method
I take you on a journey where we combine forces in utilizing everything you’ve learned from your life and everything I’ve learned from psychology, yoga, adult developmental and organizational psychology, systems theory, and meditation. The purpose of the journey is entirely your own. We set out from your values, your ideals, and your vision and my role is helping you see and reshape the systems and structures you are part of – whether you work alone, in a large global context or in a smaller organization.

Meaning and flow
Achieving top performance in a sustainable manner become possible when we take a holistic approach to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being while striving to reach our goals and vision. It’s about finding the balance between structure and creativity, between performance and recovery, between obligations and joie de vivre. When all parts of us support each other, when we flow in alignment with our vision, the journey is exciting and meaningful.

Working with me is an investment in yourself and your future. You will grow not only professionally, but as a person: Increasing your negative capability, ability to influence your environment and create positive changes in your life and for the people and organizations you care about.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Organizational psychology

As a consultant, I am grounded in two systems theoretical frameworks: Requisite Organization and Systems Centered Training.

In addition to executive coaching, I have extensive experience in team development. I help groups improve collaboration, conflict resolution skills and ability to formulate and achieve goals in line with the organization as a whole.

In partnership with world-leading experts in organizational development and change management, I help leadership evaluate, understand and optimize the internal organization, ensure role clarity, accountability and management capacity for complexity.