Meaning and Flow
in Every Day Life

Coaching for Sustainable High Performance

Thomas Jost auf der Stroth

Passionate about your well-being.

Systems thinker with solid academic background.

Lightly connected to the deeply spiritual with no fear of the existential.

Straight to the point. No bullshit questionnaires.

Licensed psychologist, organizational consultant and coach.



Psychology and Coaching

Master in Psychology, Lund University

Immunity to Change, Robert Keagan (Harvard)

Focused ACT, Thomas Gustafsson

Relational Trauma Therapy, Moaiku

Practical Philosophy, Lund University


Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance

Strength training instructor, SAFE Academy (SATS)

Taiji 5-year level, Nine Clouds Studio

Organization and Leadership

Business Administration, Uppsala University

Political Science, Lund University

Systems Centered Training for Individual and Group Development

Systems Centered Training for Group and Organizational Development

Large Group Methodology, Human Agency, and Alaric AS

Economics, Lund University




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